Friday, March 30

Your Friend the Sandhill Crane

One of the things that I love about living in Florida is all the wildlife we see out here, especially birds. We live in a rental house that backs up to a small lake and we get all kinds of water birds, my favorite is the Sandhill Crane. 
Sandhill Cranes by Ellen Hawkins 
This photo was taken right behind our back porch! They are very brave around humans and you can see them sleeping next to cars in parking lots or walking right past you down the street. We’ve started feeding them, which I’m pretty sure might be against the law, but we saw our neighbor doing it one day so we did it too! Brian likes to throw them pieces of bread and crackers and one time he actually got one to eat out of his hand!

I love the way they move, and whenever I see them walking past our back door I try to take video of them to keep for reference in case I ever need to animate a large bird or a dinosaur. 

Living in Florida, Brian and I have become like amateur bird watchers. Our coolest sighting happened while we were driving down NE Indian River Drive when a bald eagle flew alongside our car with a still living (but not for long) fish in its talons. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

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