Monday, April 9

Easter Weekend Part 1

We had a three day weekend last week because of the Easter holiday and we had one of the nicest weekends since we moved to Florida. The weather was perfect, there was no stress over wedding planning, we just did what we wanted to do. On Friday we went thrifting in Vero Beach. We were looking for some furniture for our house (a desk for my studio and a chair for Brian’s music room) and we ended up with some funky old knickknacks instead. Brian bought a giant tungsten bulb for a dollar and turned it into a little sculpture piece, like the ones Anthropologie sold a few years ago, by attaching it to a small wooden base.
Inspiration                                                                         Brian’s $12 version
I bought a set of four silver colored tumblers that I used as containers for herbs.
DSC01820 DSC01817
We’ve got thyme, sage, chives and lavender on our kitchen windowsill now. Brian also bought an old metronome that reminded him of his music teacher from high school. He bought it to use when he practices guitar, but after we got it home we found out that it doesn’t keep steady time. I think with a little oil on the gears here and there it should work fine again.
On Saturday we just stayed in and relaxed. I wrote 20 thank you notes for each of the wonderful women who attended my bridal shower two weeks ago and Brian baked a loaf of homemade French bread to go with dinner.


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