Thursday, July 19

Disney World Hollywood Studios

Last weekend Brian and I went to Disney World to the Hollywood Studios Park (which neither of us had been to before). It was HOT outside!! We totally melted! Brian bought one of those spray bottles that has the little fan attached he was so desperate. We didn’t end up staying long due to the heat, but we still had a lot of fun!

My two favorite things were Star Tours in 3D and the Lights Motors Action Car show (it was incredible!). Both Brian and I agree though that we love the original Magic Kingdom park the best out of all the different Disney World parks we’ve gone to so far.

Whenever we go to Disney World, we pick up a little something to bring home for Louis. This time we looked and looked and didn’t see anything we liked until we were walking out of the park and I spotted this Storm Trooper toy.

He loves it! :)

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