Monday, July 23

The Sun Also Rises

Maybe it’s because I miss school a little bit or maybe it’s because I have masochistic taste in literature, but whenever I go to the book store I can’t help but pick something up from the table full of required summer reading material for the local schools. I hated summer reading when I was a kid (especially the summer I had to read Watership Down) but these days when the weather gets hot, I actually get in the mood for classic literature instead of a fluffy beach read.

This time I bought The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway. After reading The Paris Wife earlier this year my interest in Hemmingway has gone from absolutely none to somewhat curious. The only Hemmingway I’ve ever read was The Old Man and the Sea and I HATED it when I was in grade school, but I figure it’s high time I give the guy another chance.


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