Friday, August 10

Allerton Garden, Kauai

By far my favorite part of our trip to Kauai was going to the Allerton Garden. Not everyone is a botanical garden type of person, but I sure am. Designed and built by art collector and patron Robert Allerton and his partner John Gregg, the garden is organized into a series of “rooms” that each have a theme, like the bamboo room and the mermaid room, and it became a sort of living museum for the plants and statuary that Allerton and Gregg collected during their world travels. AllertonGardenFountainPoolBigBamboo
My favorite part was seeing the giant fig trees that were featured in the movie Jurassic Park. Inspired, we picked up a cutting from a plumeria plant in the gift shop before we left, the beginnings of our own international plant collection.JurassicParkTree
On a side note, we saw a lot of these spiders in the garden which on the one hand remind me of something out of a Super Mario Brothers video game but on the other hand give me horrible, horrible nightmares.

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