Monday, August 6

Kauai Beaches

I always get bummed out about New Years every single year. Every time! I always have such high hopes, expecting it to be awesome and it always falls so spectacularly short of the mark. So two years ago, Brian and I decided to make New Years the best part of the year and spend it on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It was such a great trip!

We spent a lot of time snorkeling and playing around with Brian’s new (at the time) digital camera that can take pictures and video underwater.
One of the best snorkeling spots we found on the whole island is called Tunnels Beach on the northern tip of Kauai. It was gorgeous when we went there and I saw some really amazing fish and the sunset was nothing short of amazing (unfortunately, the photos just don’t do it justice).
We also spent a lot of time at Poipu Beach Park on the south side of the island, closer to where our vacation rental condo was. This beach was pretty crowded when we went there, but the geography of it is really nice. If you look at an areal photograph of it, you’ll notice that there’s a rather large sticky-outy piece of land that juts out from the middle of the beach that gets revealed when the tide goes down. Also, they have seals there.
One of the first places we went when we got to Kauai was Spouting Horn, which was just a few blocks down the road from where we were staying. It’s basically this little hole in the rock surface on the beach that focuses a stream of water through it when a wave comes in. It’s pretty dramatic and also a little mesmerizing.
During our trip The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed was a huge help in figuring out what to do every day.

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