Wednesday, August 1

Puzzling Summer

Puzzles always make me feel nostalgic. Some of my favorite memories from when I was a kid are summers spent at my grandparent’s house in Kansas City doing puzzles on a card table in the den. My sister and my cousin and I would sit for hours just trying to fit all the pieces in the right place. And we were pretty hardcore about it too, no measly 500 piece puzzle for us, we needed something that would keep us busy all summer so we always chose the puzzle with the highest number of pieces from the Hallmark store where my grandmother worked. My grandpa would come over to the table every once in a while and after some analysis, quietly pick up a single piece and put it down in exactly the right spot before making a silent retreat. At the same time every day my grandma would kick us out of the den and make us play outside for a few hours while she watched her stories on TV. Once her soaps were over, we were allowed to come back inside and work on the puzzle some more, sometimes into the wee hours of the night. Those were great summers.

This summer I really wanted to get a puzzle. It’s too hot here to go outside at all (even in the evenings) so a puzzle is a great summer past time for Florida. I bought this Ravensburger puzzle online and it’s huge; it takes up our entire dining room table. Brian and I are slowly working on it here and there, nothing like the dedication I used to have but it’s still just as addictive and rewarding. I sit down at the table in the morning to eat breakfast before work (and maybe put a few pieces in) and before I know it I’ve gotten sucked into the puzzle and it’s time to leave for work already.

This puzzle will probably be on our table for the rest of the summer at least, especially considering that ocean, look how many ocean pieces there are! It’ll take forever to put those together!

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