Tuesday, August 14

Something Truly Incredible

This Sunday I woke up before dawn to drive down to Palm Beach with my friends Chris and Brooke. What was our reason for getting up at this ungodly hour? To protect the local sea turtles.
It’s the time of year now when the eggs are starting to hatch and these little guys need all the help they can get to survive the long scuttle down to the sea. Brooke works for the local sea turtle conservation group and she’s out on the beach early in the morning every Sunday to gather data about the turtles. When she finds some new hatchlings like we did last weekend, she makes sure that they make it safely from the nest to the ocean.
For me, the experience was just incredible. Knowing I’ve helped an endangered species get a leg up in the world gave me a feeling that I’ve never had before, like what I was doing actually mattered on a scale larger than myself. I came to a realization that if you want to do something truly incredible, you’ve got to get up early in the morning, by which I mean that everything good happens outside of your comfort zone.

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