Tuesday, September 11

Digital Domain Florida Closes It’s Doors

When everyone at Digital Domain in Florida got the news on Friday morning that the studio was shutting down and we were all being laid off, it came as a total shock. Though there were some worrying stories in the press about DDMG’s low-performing stock and our CEO John Textor, we were assured in an all-hands meeting on Tuesday that everything was fine and we had nothing to worry about, our jobs were secure. Then Friday came and they dropped the bombshell, we were all out of jobs and we had a few hours to clean out our desks and vacate the building.

As I’m putting my resume and reel out there to other studios, I’m still kind of in shock. It’s really scary when this kind of thing happens and it makes you realize that no job is ever really secure, no matter how comfortable you get. The silver lining in all of this is the amazing support everyone in the Port Saint Lucie community has been offering and the support of my former co-workers. In a weird way, being laid off has brought us all closer together.

As for me and Brian, we’re really hoping that we will be back in California before the end of the year. We’ve spent two years here in Florida and though it’s been an amazing experience, we have both been homesick for California for a while now.

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