Friday, April 13

Lunch Break: Cheesesteak Factory

Most days, Brian and I go home for lunch since we only live about five minutes from work. About once a week or so (usually around Friday) we go out to lunch. Cheesesteak Factory is a local joint here in Port Saint Lucie owned by some guy who either was in a band or still is in a band (I’m not clear on the details, I’ve never asked) and you can tell by the d├ęcor inside.
I know from the name that I should order a cheesesteak sandwich, but I actually really love their burgers here. You can order it with any toppings you want, if you just order a cheeseburger you get meat on a bun with cheese, so you have to be specific about what you want when you order. The fries here aren’t bad either.
We don’t go here very often because of the huge number of calories we consume when we’re here, but it’s one of my favorite local places.

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