Monday, May 21

Wedding Ceremony Backdrop


One of the biggest DIY undertakings for our wedding was the ceremony backdrop that we built. I wanted something original and artsy, something that really had personality. It started with a tiny sketch.
Then I did some more sketches exploring other ideas and showed them to Brian for approval (the starred ones below are the ones that he liked).
Then I drew up a small plan.

Then I bought all the frames from Hobby Lobby and painted them all off-white. This was probably the most labor intensive part of the project for me since every frame needed to be sanded and painted with multiple coats of paint and I was doing the entire project on our apartment balcony(not pictured) and storing the frames in our bathroom to dry since the humidity in Florida was so bad at the time.
We shipped the frames to Dallas where the large nine foot by seven foot frame along with a small stage was constructed by my dad. A few days before the wedding we went out and nailed up the smaller frames to the large base frame.

It’s the project that I am the most proud of because it was an original idea that I came up with, and I took it all the way from initial sketch to construction and completion. As an artist it is so rare for me to complete projects that I start, so when I do actually follow through and complete something I really savor the moment as much as possible.

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