Wednesday, May 23

Mexico Part 1

After ruling out a European vacation for our honeymoon (too expensive) we were looking for other, more affordable options when we were offered a 5 night stay at the Westin Lagunamar in Cancun (a $1750 value) for the price of a one night stay. It was too good to pass up. Neither of us had ever been to Mexico and we both had a hankering to see it, so we jumped at the chance to visit a new country and get a cheap hotel stay for our honeymoon.

I’ll admit, Brian and I were both a little bit scared since we did not know what to expect in Mexico, so we decided that we wanted to enjoy the resort experience instead of looking for the local hangouts and trying to get an authentic cultural experience. I also made the promise to Brian that we would do a lot of relaxing on the beach and do less of the running around and sight-seeing that I usually like to do on vacations.


We flew from Dallas (where we got married) directly to Cancun and arrived at about 2 pm. We had no difficulty navigating through customs and getting to our hotel provided van. The drive to the hotel was short, only about 20 minutes, and I was surprised at how foreign Mexico felt. I naively hadn’t expected every sign to be in Spanish or the scenery to look so different from Texas. Once we got closer to the hotel, the town started to take on a more Las Vegas-like appearance, it was one giant hotel after another. What I liked about the place we were staying is that every room faces the ocean, so every room has a great view. When we got to the Westin Lagunamar, the first thing we did was look out of our balcony and just stare at how gorgeous the ocean was.

The view from our room

After dropping off our bags at the room, we went for a walk on the beach taking in the cool blue, postcard-esque scenery. The reflection of the ocean is so bright it makes the birds flying over it look blue too. I knew this was a place where we could really unwind and relax without getting bored. All this beach gazing put me in the mood for a margarita, so we explored the grounds of the resort until we found the bar. It was happy hour, so I got two margaritas for the price of one! We sat out on the patio of the bar and enjoyed our tropical drinks before heading to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant at the Westin had a Mexican buffet on Monday nights serving authentic local Mexican food and featuring lots of dishes from the Yucatan. My favorite thing on the buffet was the delicious chicken with mole sauce. After stuffing ourselves at the buffet and finishing up my margaritas we spent the rest of the night in our hotel room enjoying the Jacuzzi tub.

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  1. That place seems amazing! I hope you post some more photos.

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