Friday, June 8

Garden Design

In 2010, when Brian was still in India and I was back at home in California I decided I needed a project to keep my mind occupied and my hands busy. So I planned, built and planted a raised vegetable garden in the backyard of the house I was living in at the time. It was a wonderful project that brought me a lot of joy as well as frustration (like the time my roommates huge dog Chief decided to take a nap on top of my vegetable plants). There really is nothing like eating vegetables from your own garden though, it’s very rewarding.
This year when a friend of mine bought a house with her fiancé and wanted to spruce up the backyard a bit I practically tripped over myself offering to help. After a survey of the yard, we decided to start in one area and work our way out from there. So I came up with this little design for a flower bed by the back patio using perennial flowers that do well in Florida.

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