Wednesday, July 11

Brian’s Juice Fast: Day 2

JuiceDay2On day two of his juice fast Brian definitely lost steam. At the end of the day he was feeling sick and achy and didn’t want to drink anymore juice. He became afraid that he might be hurting his body by fasting because he wasn’t getting enough calories or protein and thought maybe he should quit. He made a juice for dinner that was made up of just apples which really upset his stomach and made him think he was dying. Instead of gloating over my looming victory, I was supportive and encouraged him to keep on with the fast.FastImageText2
Ellen’s Juice Recipe

1 cucumber
2 celery stalks
2 tomatoes
3 white peaches
2 apples
Combine all ingredients in a juicer, serve chilled.

Read about day 3 here.

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