Thursday, July 12

Brian’s Juice Fast: Day 3

The third day of the fast was nowhere near as bad as the second day according to Brian. His blood sugar levels were stable and he was able to make it through the day without feeling hungry or sick. The toughest part about the third day was that it was the fourth of July. We stayed in during the morning and just relaxed, but in the evening we went to a baseball game and Brian was surrounded by all manner of tempting foods. Hot dogs, beer, nachos, soft pretzels, pizza and funnel cakes, they had it all. This is where I thought he would crack and the ten free lunches would be mine! But he dutifully kept to his juice diet (I was very impressed by this, though secretly disappointed). But he certainly was not happy about sticking to juice when there were giant slices of pizza to be had.FastImageText3
Brian found that juices with more vegetable content than fruit content kept him fuller for longer, though they tasted much worse. Brian really hated the taste of this juice, but it kept him from feeling hungry through the entire baseball game.

Gross Veggie Juice
A bunch of baby spinach leaves
A bunch of kale leaves
3 large carrots
2 apples
juice of one lime

Combine the first four ingredients in a juicer, then add the lime juice. Serve warm at a baseball game.

Read about day 4 here.

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