Thursday, February 19

A Long Awaited Update

Well I’ve done it again. I’ve let almost a year go by since I last updated. Although I’ve been completely silent here, there has been a lot going on in my life lately. Last summer I worked at a flower shop in Boulder, met a bunch of awesome new friends and built a small portfolio of chalkboard signs that I created for the store.

Then I went on to work as a technical artist at Real D, helping with the development of their TrueImage technology and brushing off my kick ass Nuke skills (basically a complete 180 from my summer job!) More recently as my time is needed less and less at Real D, I’m changing up my schedule to be part-time with them and I’m starting part-time back at the flower shop this spring. So I’ll be working two part-time jobs this summer.

I’m always active on Instagram where I post photos of everything I’m up to and I’m also on Ravelry and GoodReads for knitting and books.

Here are a few of my chalkboard creations.

IMG_2296IMG_2513  IMG_2515


IMG_2523 IMG_2518



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