Friday, April 20

Wedding Handkerchief

Ellen and Grandma Holtz001

In the middle of my bridal shower a few weeks ago, I opened a very special gift from my late grandmother. It was a baby bonnet. At first I thought, “wow, I can’t believe the pressure to have a baby is starting already!” but along with the bonnet was a little note. I couldn’t read it out loud without crying, so I passed it over to my mom, who also started crying, so my sister read it out loud to everyone.
I’m just a little hanky,
As square as square can be,
But here and there a stitch or two,
Made a bonnet out of me.
I’ll be worn from the hospital,
Or on the Christening Day,
Then in a very special place
I’ll be carefully packed away.
For every happy wedding day
As we have oft been told,
Every well dressed bride should carry,
Something rare and old.
So what could be more fitting,
Than to honor this belief,
Just change me from a bonnet
To a wedding handkerchief.

After that, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! To think that my mom kept track of this tiny baby bonnet for 25 years, it’s just really special. I took out the stitches and had it embroidered with my new initials and now I have a handkerchief and a “something old” for my wedding!

Find out how to make a baby hanky bonnet here.
Or choose from a large selection of ones to buy on etsy.

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