Monday, June 25

Café Sketches

I’ve really gotten into café sketching lately (where you go out to a place where there’s a lot of people and you sketch them). My favorite place to go for this is City Place in West Palm Beach, but now that it’s getting so hot I need to find other places with more people. There’s a sketch club at work that I’ve joined and we go out every Tuesday during lunch to sketch people. I’ve taken my sketchbook to the beach and sketched people there as well (I have to be careful that people don’t catch me staring at them in their swimsuits like some creeper though!). I’d really like to go to Miami Beach and do some people watching/sketching there… I think I’ll put that on my bucket list for the summer.MallSketchesMuseumPeopleMuseumPeople02ParkPeopleWestPalmPeople01WestPalmPeople02

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