Tuesday, June 26

Toy Camera

I got really inspired by this post over at A Beautiful Mess (one of my favorite blogs!) about toy cameras and decided to buy my own toy camera. I haven’t used a film camera in AGES, but I was excited to get back into it and have fun with it. After some careful comparison shopping on Amazon I decided to pick up this little baby (because it was super cheap!).

I got it in the mail early last week and popped some old film in it (I know, I know, it’s bad to use old film but I was too excited!). It’s a super low-tech camera. It requires no batteries, there’s no flash or zoom, so it’s basically a reusable disposable camera.

In the instruction booklet it says to shoot photos in bright daylight, so of course the day that I got the camera in the mail the weather turned overcast and gloomy and the sun hasn’t shown for a whole week now! I’ve still taken about half a roll of film anyway, but I’m not sure how this first batch of pictures will turn out. I will be sure to share them (good or bad) once I get them developed.

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