Wednesday, June 27

Drawing Tools

I get questions every once in a while about the supplies I use when I draw, so I thought I’d write up a quick post about it!

1.      Earthbound spiral sketchbook: This is a great basic, no frills sketchbook. I use this as my main sketchbook; it’s a good size and I love the tan color of the pages because it allows for three toned drawings (dark, medium, light). I prefer the spiral binding because it takes up less space when I’m sketching. Bonus: it’s made from recycled materials.

    2.      Moleskine graph paper notebook: I keep one of these in my purse at all times. I use it mostly for writing lists and notes for things I want to remember, but I also like to use it when I need to sketch something out to scale (like this garden design). I go through one of these about every 18-24 months. They are super handy!

      3.      The Sketchbook Project sketchbook: I keep this one at home either on my bedside table or by the couch so that I can have it on hand when I want to draw a quick picture of Louis.

        1.      Col-Erase Pencils: I started using these in college and haven’t sketched with anything else since. I like to use different colors on one page so that it’s easier to differentiate between different sketches if they start to overlap. The only downside is that they are very soft so they require constant sharpening, and they smudge pretty easily because of that as well.

          2.      Staedtler Eraser: Just your basic eraser, nothing fancy. I also love the Tri-Tip eraser (I use that one more for charcoal drawings though).

            3.      Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener: Not the best pencil sharpener in the world. I use it because it is compact and it holds in the pencil shavings. When I’m sitting somewhere with a trash can handy I prefer to use my Staedtler pencil sharpener.

            4.      Winsor & Newton Cotman Sketchers Pocket Box Set (watercolors): I don’t use this very often in my sketchbook, but I love it’s compact design and tiny collapsible brush.

            5.      Staedtler Pens: I like these better than Micron pens (which seem to dry out really quickly).

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