Friday, June 22

What We’ve Been Watching

Romantics-Anonymous Secret of Nimh
howimetyourmother Prometheus
Ken Burns-The National Parks tangled
1.      Romantics Anonymous: Very cute French film. Love this film!

2.      The Secret of Nimh: I somehow missed this movie when I was a kid. Watching it now, I think it’s kind of scary! There’s some pretty amazing animation in it though.

3.      How I Met Your Mother: This is what we watch when we’re killing time during lunch or want to watch something quick during dinner. I like it, but Brian hasn’t gotten into it yet.

4.      Prometheus: I’ve never seen any of the Alien films, but everyone I know was super psyched about this, so I went to see it. It was fantastic! Left a lot of unanswered questions though…

5.      The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: Brian loves this documentary. He’s been watching it non-stop for weeks! I can’t really get into it though, I think it’s kind of boring…

6.      Tangled: Re-watched this last weekend. I love the horse in this movie, he’s so well animated! My favorite scene is the one where Maximus and Flynn are both trying to get to his satchel and end up falling off a cliff.

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