Monday, March 10

Denver Comic Con Fabric Design Contest

I randomly found out about the Denver Comic Con fabric design contest when I was looking at the DCC website to find out about purchasing tickets this year. I thought it might be a fun thing to try, so I worked on a design for a couple of weeks and then submitted it to the contest.FabricDesignSpread
My goal was to come up with a design that has something for everyone, so I drew loads of caricatures of popular characters from movies, TV, comics, anime and video games and arranged them into a repeatable grid.

I received an email last week that I won runner up in the contest! They are going to print my fabric and make it available for people to use to make outfits for the convention. I also won a free ticket to the con and a commemorative pint glass! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to go to the convention this year and see what people have created with my fabric!

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